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Euro '92 Camping

The description and price list

The part used as a campground consisting of two flat areas with natural grass and/or sand, one directly on the beach, the other at 30 mt from the sea with a pedestrian crossing.

All sites are equipped with electricity and enjoy the shadow created by the vegetation of pine trees and/or shading net placed on the uprights. In each zone there are a group of toilets always clean with hot showers eroganti only drinking water and camper service area.

The load of drinking water could be carried out at any point of the camp, lovers of the TV can use free satellite TV system centralized, placed in a large area of the campsite, accessible through a simple cable TV that must be connected to your satellite box .

01/04 - 10/06
11/09 - 30/10
€ 5,00 € 0,00 € 8,00
11/06 - 30/06
28/08 - 10/09
€ 5,00 € 0,00 € 10,00
01/07 - 29/07
€ 6,00 € 3,00 € 16,00
30/07 - 04/08
21/08 - 27/08
€ 7,00 € 4,00 € 18,00
05/08 - 20/08
€ 10,00 € 7,00 € 20,00

* KIDS BORN IN 01/01/2005 31/12/2013

Compulsory tourist tax by the city of Vieste (to be paid for locally): € 0,60 per day per person for those who are alder than 14 years for maximum of 10 days.

  • The price of camping place refers to each camper, caravan or tent and it include 1 electricity connection, 1 car parking, free WI-FI zone, drinking water and free clean washing facilities which include hot showers.
    For extra car parking and electricity connection the cost will be € 5,00 per day
  • Reservations are accepted for minimum period of 12 days and the balance must be settled at the time of arrival; in case of early departure or late arrival no refund will be granted.
  • Pets are welcome if kept on lead, it’s forbidden take them around the village or nearby camping facilities.
  • The rate is per night , the departure is scheduled at 11am, after that time will be charged also the day of departure.
  • Cars are allowed on the campsite only for loading and unloading.
  • The use of the "camper service" at the entrances of the village from 08,30 to 12,00 and from 16,00 to 19,00 is available only for the load and unload services, it’s forbidden to unload chemical wc or other waters into the bathhouse.
  • The balance of the stay should be settled the day before the departure from 18,00 to 20,00.
Offers: in low season discount of up to 15% for long stay. CHILDREN DO NOT PAY

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